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About Our Council

Welcome to the Creosote Council! Creosote-treated wood products have been making a valuable contribution to the nation’s transportation, communications, energy, and maritime infrastructures for more than a century. Today’s railway ties, utility poles, and marine pilings are protected with creosote from insect infestation and decay. In terms of performance and cost, creosote-treated wood products deliver benefits that cannot be matched by substitutes.

When used properly, creosote-treated industrial wood products perform vital functions without creating any demonstrable scientific risk of chronic health problems or damage to the environment. Creosote treated products bring value to today’s society. They even deliver a bonus. Over the decades, a lot of trees have been spared; creosote treated products will last for upwards of four decades before needing replacement!

Today’s strong health and environmental safety record of creosote-treated wood is a result of modern production and treatment technologies, strict adherence to Federal requirements, and commitment by the makers and users of creosote to the latest and best practices available –all backed up by good science.

Please explore this Web site to learn about the history of wood preserving with creosote, how creosote is regulated, and scientific research that has been provided by the Council to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to support its re-registration as a pesticide/wood preservative, which was completed in October, 2009.

For a more thorough look at creosote's critical infrastructure role, click here.

For report on the cost-effectiveness of creosote-treated wood, click here.


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