Creosote has been a dependable preservative of wood infrastructure since the Industrial Revolution. Creosote-treated wood is used in many infrastructure sectors, including transportation, communications, energy, and maritime developments.

Despite this widespread use, the use of creosote as a preservative raises many questions. This video addressed the most frequently asked questions about creosote treatment, use, and benefits:

  • How long has creosote been used as a wood preservative?
  • How is creosote used in wood preservation different from the creosote in my chimney?
  • How is creosote-treated wood used in the railroad industry today?
  • What benefits does the railroad industry see in the use of creosote-treated wood?
  • What sectors besides railroads use creosote-treated wood products?
  • What is the primary purpose of treating wood infrastructure with creosote?
  • How does creosote wood preservation benefit the environment?